Introducing and History

Introducing and History About Khorasan Part Plastic Co

Khorasan Part Plastic factories group is founded in 2005 with an area of 38,000 square meters in Khorasan state Neyshabur town, as one of the Iranian industrial company in order to producing many kinds of fuel tank and filler pipe for passenger vehicles.
Part Plastic has improved gradually its infrastructure and major policies regarding the business up to reveals its potential capabilities actually and makes better conditions with better planning for a successful business in the industry and steps forward based on facts and modern management principles.

Today, Part Plastic Group is the producer of many kinds of big plastic hollow articles by advanced blow molding and injection molding technologies coinciding with valid national and international standards and is one of the main PFT, FP and air intake system sources of Iran Khodro and SAPCO.
The most important customers of Part Plastic Group are Iran Khodro, SAPCO, Sazehgostar, Saipa and Petrochemical, Food, Medicinal industries as well as export markets.
Khorasan Part Plastic Factories Group is honored with using the professional trained personnel and can be achieved to the most of technical requirements and believes that this is as a result of diligence of its all managers and powerful staffs.

Khorasan Part Plastic factories Group
Was introduced as elected and leading manufacturer in 2010, 2013 and 2014 in the field of supply and quality by SAPCO, Iran khodro and Iranian organization of Industry and Mine.